9 Amazing Image Tricks to Help You Fix Boring PowerPoint Slides

  • Click on the ‘Insert’ tab to open the menu
  • Select the desired shape from the ‘Shapes’ menu
  • Now, apply full size visual background and paste selected shape on it. Here note that presenters need to set the transparency level of whole shape rather than of text box as was applied in trick mentioned earlier
  • First from top ribbon click on the ‘Insert’ tab to open menu
  • Now, select ‘Shapes’ to open a dropdown menu
  • Select ‘Rectangle’ from the dropdown menu and draw over the image
  • Right click on the rectangle and click ‘Format Shape’
  • Further, under ‘Fill’ click on the ‘Gradient Fill’ option
  • Add 2–3 gradient stops and keep their color white
  • Lastly, with each stop keep reducing gradient stop level like in first stop keep transparency between 90–95%, second stop 40–50% and third 0–5%.
  • Check PowerPoint ribbon to click on the ‘View’ tab
  • Click on ‘Show’ group to select and open ‘Gridlines’.
  • Shortcut Shift+F9 can also be used to apply the ‘Gridlines’
  • Start by inserting the image in slide
  • Now, check PowerPoint ribbon to click on the ‘Format’ tab
  • Lastly, find ‘Picture Styles’ group and locate the “Rotated, White” option to bring in desired effect



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