Learn To Create Puzzle Piece In PowerPoint

  • Insert Rectangle. Go to Insert> Shapes> Rectangles> Rectangle. Adjust its shape and size with the marked handle as shown in the image below.
  • Again add Rectangle. Go to Insert> Shapes> Rectangle> Rectangle. Alter the shape and size of the rectangle by holding highlighted handles. See the below image.
  • Insert Oval. Go to Shapes> Basic Shapes> Oval. Adjust its shape and size as shown in the below image. Join the rectangle and oval shapes.
  • Select both the shapes> Format> Align> Align Middle.
  • Now join first inserted rectangle with the second joined rectangle and oval shapes. Take a look at the below image for more clarity.
  • Once these shapes have been combined, duplicate the shape by pressing Control C and Control V and create more such shapes. Right click the 2nd duplicated shape> Send to Back> Send to Back.
  • Right click the shapes> Fill> Color> Outline> No Outline.
  • Insert Oval shape again. Go to Insert> Shapes> Oval. Place the oval shape over the puzzle pieces.
  • Right click the oval shapes> Fill> No Color> Outline> Choose Color. Increase weight of the line by 3 points.

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