Top 10 Marketing Mix Templates to Help You With Your Business Endeavors

What is a marketing mix?

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion
  • Product: It is so much more than just the variety of your products. It entails its quality, package, design, brand, and any kind of service itself. Now, if your food truck’s target market is people under the age of 25, you must learn the language of the millennia. This will help you identify the products that they seek and desire.
  • Price: Now that you know the kind of products you need to include in your food truck, the next step is to sell them at apt prices. You cannot expect your audience to spend too much on the items. But retail price is not the only parameter. Discounts, handouts, and attractive deals form an integral part of the pricing element.
  • Place: Determining the distribution channel should be your next step! You must carefully consider delivery options, logistics, and retail factors. Here choosing the right parking spot for your food truck is a significant decision. It can be colleges or local events; take your pick!
  • Promotion: Time for some publicity! You must advertise your products and services through various marketing channels such as sales calls, sponsorships, emails, and the most relevant medium right now — social media! Raising awareness about your food truck is essential as there can’t be customers if they don’t know you exist.

Templates to apply marketing mix in your business

In conclusion



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