Top 10 Templates to Use in a Scrum Status Report

Have you ever tried the Pomodoro technique, developed to combat distractions and break down complex projects? The popular time management technique involves creating a to-do list with a timer that goes off every 25–30 minutes.

You achieve optimum productivity and focus by breaking down multiple tasks and projects in short, timed sessions.

Similarly, when it comes to crucial tasks like software development, product development, and even agile project management, Scrum is your go-to!

Scrum is an agile framework based on the theory of empirical process control. It guides the team to identify and then set their priorities so that they have a clear view of their execution path. It further goes on to plan tasks in detail for the short term to support high-level organizational goals.

As the framework heavily relies on transparency, inspection, and adaptation, timely scrum status reports are a must.

We have compiled our top handpicked PowerPoint templates in this blog that’ll help you commence the journey of continuous learning and adjusting to fluctuations. Let’s explore now!

PPT templates for preparing a scrum status report

If you’re looking to create a well-defined scrum status report, you’ll need to incorporate:

  • A brief description of scrum methodology
  • A clear account of team roles and responsibilities
  • Prioritization techniques
  • Key objectives of scrum master
  • Sprint plan and review
  • Scrum cycle with process values
  • An agile roadmap
  • A comprehensive timeline
  • A graphical representation of the project plan
  • An elaboration of workflow
  • An all-inclusive scrum value process

So here are our content-specific templates to make your task easy, save your time, and get you going right away. Take your pick now!

Template 1

Break down the working of scrum methodology by taking the aid of this PowerPoint template. You can elaborate on the functioning of agile marketing by using this template to explain the scrum process, sprint planning, review, and retrospective.

Template 2

Curate an attractive yet informative scrum master cycle with this handy PowerPoint template. Incorporate each process value essential for the successful functioning of the entire methodology by taking advantage of our entirely customizable template.

Template 3

One cannot achieve goals without having an effective management plan in place. So grab this template that you can deploy to develop, wrap, review, and adjust your sprint plan. Much to your benefit, this template is entirely adaptable and ready to use. Click the download link now!

Template 4

Highlight the role of the agile marketing team that is responsible for the scrum by taking the aid of this professionally curated PowerPoint template. Our visually appealing template displays the team structure in an easily accessible manner. Grab it now by clicking on the link below!

Template 5

Creatively display the workflow and its included key steps by employing our content-specific PowerPoint template. This template is capable of displaying every task, be it daily stand-up meetings or sprint planning and backlogs. So download this template now and get going.

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Template 6

This PowerPoint template is explicitly designed to represent your agile software development approach. Our template demonstrates the goals and phases of your scrum prioritization process clearly and concisely. Without further ado, click the download link!

Template 7

Here’s another template curated to help you design a flexible planning technique suited to your business operations. You can deploy this color-coded PPT template to display the flowchart explaining your processes, decisions, and loops. Grab the template now!

Template 8

Pick this PowerPoint template to outline your scrum project plan systematically. You can use this template to understand all kinds of planning in the scrum. Download this editable template now to display your data in an attention-grabbing way.

Template 9

Choose this specific PowerPoint template to display your work plan and communicate your ideas impactfully. With the help of this PPT template, you can provide a detailed overview of the project, key deliverables, and milestones to be achieved.

Template 10

Ensure your team’s success by deploying this scrum value PowerPoint deck. Explore the five key values of the scrum that are commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect by utilizing this PPT template. Just click below to download this deck!

Scrum status reports are a vital communication tool for your team. They allow the workforce to fully comprehend a project’s story and adapt to changing conditions as well as user requirements. Since re-prioritization and short release cycles are built into a scrum process, you should download these templates immediately to help your team earn and improve constantly.




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SlideGeeks is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection.

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